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Cashmere Goat Skin Clutch Handbag. This eye catching, and a touch longer than normal, clutch is what draws attention, that and the luxurious Cashmere Goat hide it is made of. Pictured is the most current Black Cashmere bag. These will be made to order as the skins are hard to come by, so please iinquire if I have them or can order them. I’ve been able to get them in cream, curly/wavy and straight haired, and black mostly curly/wavy as pictured. They are ideal for an evening out, easily holding a phone, lipstick, keys, wallet and sunglasses. This bag, becasue the Cashmere is so special, comes with real alligator handle loop, upgraded clasp hardware and a fun featured tassel zipper pull. There are no interior pockets. Some Cashmere skins must be lined (but not fully) so they do not stretch. 

Measures 7’ tall X 14” long. 

Clutch Purse

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